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Sat on my high stool as a child,  I'd run my "office" from behind the ironing board strewn with papers and colour pencils . Busy drawing, colouring and bossing imaginary colleagues about. Some days I was a fashion designer and on others I was an architect or inventor, relishing creating something out of anything. Milk cartons became mini fridges, cloths and straws became chain handbags and vanguard sheets became padded slippers filled with cotton wool. To which, I paraded proudly around the house. You can imagine the mess that followed. Despite all that, my parents never stopped me. In fact they humoured me and still regale my friends of those memories.  
It's thanks to their encouragement, I enjoy different aspects of the arts up to this day — creative writing, photography, painting , etc. If not for them, I'd never imagine a career in the creative industry where a good part of it was spent in publishing design.
The only difference now? I sit on a chair at a proper desk with my computer in place of the ironing board. I still wear a few hats but they're no longer imaginary. Now, I'm an illustrator, food & product stylist, art director and graphic designer. ​​​​​​​
Thank you for visiting and I look forward to meeting you.
Ng Soo May Diane
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